Carnival Liberty Food & Drink Review 2018

Food is a big part of any vacation. And when you’re on a cruise you eat… A LOT.

It seems like from the moment you step foot on the boat, you are eating and drinking. If you’re like me, you are researching the food and beverage options in advance so you know what places you want to try and which ones you want to avoid.

My family went on the Carnival Liberty in June 2018 for a 3 night cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau, Bahamas. My last posts were reviews on the boat and the port itself but I needed a whole separate post just to talk about all the food! ( Read the boat and port reviews here and here. )

Guy’s Burger Joint

I had read about Guy Fieri’s burgers being offered on select Carnival boats and I was excited the Liberty is one of the ones that does. Since our check in time was around lunch, we headed to Guy’s (on the Lido deck 9) after dropping off our luggage in the cabin. There is no upcharge for any of the food offered at Guy’s.

The line was pretty long but it moved quickly. The burgers are continuously being made and then fixed based on your order. To help make the line move faster, the condiment area is off to the side.

It took less than 5 minutes for all of us (7 people) to get their burgers and fries and WOW! I heard the burgers were amazing and they did not disappoint. My son wanted to eat one everyday of the cruise. Yes, they’re that good. Do not miss trying one on your cruise.

Pizza Pirate

Pizza Pirate is one of the 24/7 options on the Liberty. This is also included in the price of your cruise. I’m picky with my pizza but I must say the pizza was good. Better than I expected. They serve personal size pizzas and you have 5 options to choose from: Margherita, Funghi (mushrooms), Pepperoni, Quattro Formaggi, and Prosciutto. I tried the pepperoni and the quattro formaggi (which is a white pizza with gorgonzola, garlic, parmesan, and provolone). Both were good.

The line was line here too but they also kept a continuously cycle of pizza coming out so we weren’t in line very long.

The Buffet

Dining at the buffett is included in the price of your cruise. We opted for the buffet for breakfast on 3 of the days (there is no breakfast offered on disembarkation day). The food was average buffet food. There was a good variety. On the 3rd day, the buffet had a “Chocolate Extravaganza” which offered a huge variety of desserts from chocolate cake to chocolate wontons.

At the buffet, there is always coffee and water. In the mornings, they offer juice at no charge. Bring your plastic water bottles and fill up here. I read many blog posts that recommended bringing a coffee mug but I didn’t use mine. If you are going on a Caribbean cruise, newsflash: it’s hot. The 2 cups of coffee I had at breakfast were fine for me. When I go on an Alaskan cruise, I will most likely bring my coffee mug as I will be drinking hot beverages more often.

Olympic Dining Room

This place was beautiful. If you’re going to participate in formal night, this is where it will be held. The food was good, not great. Most of the food is included with some being an additional charge. For instance, my son had the surf and turf (I let him treat himself) and that was an additional $20 upcharge. My husband ordered the Jamaican coffee which was a $6 upcharge because it included rum.

It’s fun to dress up on formal night and take pictures but the food is just ok.

Chocolate Hazelnut cake at the Olympic Dining Room
Jamaican coffee with rum at the Olympic Dining Room

Room Service

You can get an excellent BLT anytime you like. And most of the foods on the menu are included without additional fees. Also, you can preorder a light breakfast (and most importantly, coffee) to arrive at your room at a specified time the next morning. This comes in handy when you’re with a large family and you’re waiting on everyone else to get ready for the day. You can’t preorder for disembarkation day though.


Throughout the ship you’ll see ice cream machines. This is Swirls. They all serve chocolate and vanilla soft serve in one machine and frozen yogurt in the second machine. If you’re lucky, they won’t be out of cones. But there are always cups. The machines are open 24/7 so you can have a treat whenever you like. Nothing fancy like toppings but the kids still enjoyed being able to eat ice cream anytime.

Drinks and Drink Packages

We did not get the Cheers package. The cost of Carnival’s drink package is $56.95 per person per day plus a 15% additional gratuity charge. If you purchase it, you have to purchase for everyone in your cabin that is 21 and over. There is a 15 drink maximum drink per day policy. When I was onboard, most of the drinks I saw cost $8-$12. We only had maybe 3 or 4 the entire trip. If you’re big drinkers and plan on spending hundreds of dollars on cocktails, the package may be worth it for you. It wasn’t for me and I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

Drinks from the Red Frog Rum bar on the Lido deck
There is also a bottomless bubbles package for sodas, speciality coffees, and juices. I didn’t get that either because I prefer water. My kids are allowed 1 soda per day so it didn’t make sense to buy the package for us either. This package is $6.95 per person per day.
Iguana Bite from the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar on the Lido deck

Sea Food Shack

The Seafood Shack is located by the adult pool. I had the lobster roll for a $12 upcharge. It wasn’t bad; it was just more roll than lobster. My husband had a pound of crab legs for a $20 upcharge. He said they were the best crab legs he’s ever had.

Lobster Roll from the Seafood Shack
Crab legs from the Seafood Shack
Whenever you cruise on the Liberty, there is no shortage of food and drink options. Some better than others.

Have you cruised on this ship? If so, drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this post and if I missed anything. 🙂

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