My Ancestry DNA Experience

I have always wanted to know where my family came from. My family has a weird history...  My mom had a good guess of her family's history but not much from her father's side. She believes she is Irish and Cherokee Indian. My dad had a Russian sounding surname but his family was from Puerto Rico. There was some drama when he was born in the 1930's and his father's side of the family disowned them. I have no clue about his mother's side of the family.


My dreadful experience with Royal Caribbean

And I haven’t even gotten on the ship yet…. I booked a cruise directly on the Royal Caribbean (RC) website. Since there would be 7 people going on cruise, I booked 2 separate suites on the same deck so we would be relatively close to each other. Well, even though I increased the number of… Continue reading My dreadful experience with Royal Caribbean


3 Ways to Spark Family Conversation During Weeknight Meals

Let’s face it, we all live busy lives. With work, errands, cooking, cleaning, school, after-school clubs, homework, we can all feel pretty drained at the end of the hectic day routines. By the time we sit down to eat dinner (hopefully together) we are all tired and not everyone is ready to chat about their day.